Jonathan Levin Photography and Video

Producing compelling images on video can be a challenge. And it's all the more difficult with limited resources.
If you're looking to break through, the magic of still photography might be just what you need.

Shooting stills for a video is an often overlooked creative tool. Photojournalistic. Honest. Moving. Compared to the lumbering elephant that is a video crew, I work swiftly and unobtrusively. Great photography can provide the visual punch that can keep your video from looking like, well, video. As an added benefit, all this artfulness can be very economical.

Please feel free to get in touch with me to see more (We've done TONS of these), and we can discuss your project or ideas.

This video was shot for Boots Pharma. The subject of burn survivor recovery is grim at best. Shooting available light allowed me to move quickly, yet take lots of photos while I stayed clear of the health professionals who cared for these patients. The video contains some graphic medical imagery, so please view at your own discretion.

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